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How I've revamped my domain - Part one: From Jekyll to Hugo

A small introduction 🔗When I first started blogging back in 2017 (damn it has already been 5 years…), I created a free blog on WordPress - https://danielsknowledgebase.wordpress.com. It was a really simple and nice way to get started with blogging. As time passed and I kept on writing posts, I noticed that I enjoyed it. For that reason, it seemed reasonable to invest in a custom domain, and in that way also enrich my online presence.

Gitlab private instance and private Terraform modules

At my current job, we use a private instance of Gitlab to host the code, CI/CD, and such, and we also have private runners. I recently began working on a terraform script that became a module since multiple teams/projects can leverage such implementation. For this reason, it makes sense to have a repository dedicated to this module (or even more modules, but that can be another topic). The objective 🔗The idea is pretty simple: Have a git repository that hosts the module(s), and every other project that wants to use the them, reference the repository through the source = "git:: (.

Azure pipelines - Adding code coverage and reports to the pipeline

In the previous post, we’ve created a simple pipeline that builds and tests our application. We know that our tests ran successfully, but that’s all. We don’t actually know how much code we are testing. What’s code coverage 🔗I really like the definition that was given in this stackoverflow post. As mentioned: Code coverage is a measurement of how many lines/blocks/arcs of your code are executed while the automated tests are running.